September 22, 2021


Hey!!! Are you here, I hope I could treat you like a guest in my home, So welcome, Be happy and at peace. My name is Manoj and I am the owner of this website.

I have started blogging for around five years and my first website is It was strictly personal or private one as I never been intended to make it professional.

Now, after going through some of my travelogues and other creative works some of my friends encouraged me to make it professional and launch it for the public. And that is how my new site – this one – has been come out and how you got a chance to be one of my valuable visitors.

My primary intention with the website was only for posting travel-related stories as I am fond of traveling, exploring hidden treasures of nature. I thought of also making space for some of my other scrabbling which shaped up into stories, poems, haikus etc here.

I appreciate the visit and please share your feedback, opinion through