September 22, 2021



Shan paid for lemonade for the vendor, and she glanced curiously at the glove in her hand, not angry at all. In any case, he only needs to softly answer questions that the smiling woman has never said. Some of the jokes took a great step in making people ignore his many quirks.  A bit of banter went miles in getting people to overlook his many…eccentricities.

But today, he cannot preach any wit. There were countless people in a hurry, and the crowd crowded in the square. His quick errands have become the snail pace behind the wandering lads. His brown jacket was soaked by the hot summer sun. He is willing to give everything to get rid of sweat, but remember what happened last time.

It was his travel companion who exhausted him. Since he left home, their despair of his attention began to make him nervous. Ignoring their antics and the way they clung to him has drained his energy from the breadth of his hair. Sheer stubbornness prevented him from screaming at them in the crowd.


Standing alone, sipping a crisp drink in the shadow of the oversized umbrella, Shan felt a tingling in his heel. Damn it! No matter what he broke, it sounds expensive

Behind him, a voice shrilled, “You’re paying for that!”

When he pointed to the wallet, his shoulders fell and he turned around. “Sorry! I don’t know…”, his voice stopped. Not because that person is scary. A girl glaring at his dagger and slipping against his blonde hair could not scare the hamster. This is not because of her beauty, because her nose is unfortunate.

It was the reaction of his companions that stole his breath.

Gone are the shadowy undulations and static flickers that have been chasing the mountains since I was a child. All that is left is a swirl of crimson and asphalt. Amorphous, they twisted. They cried. The air thickens with the depth they need.

Without warning, loose tendrils appeared. Shan cried, but it was too late. Hunger was permeating, and his companions coiled around the girl. Her wide hazel ball was rolled into heaven before it collapsed on the ground.

Shan’s friend’s unexpected attack made her scream in pain. Despite being a formidable person, Ripper, who himself was appointed as the local leader, least want two strangers to launch such an attack. He was confused, what should he do first?


Shan is also in trouble because his friends should not intervene here. Because he is confident that the situation will be resolved before it becomes ugly. When he tried to analyze the situation, how to deal with the forbidding muscular figure of the Ripper, while protecting the blonde from friends, he discovered that it was the medicine he broke.

Things slowly got out of control. Arguments and screams hardly attracted attention. They are running towards this place. Shan saw Ripper walking towards the scene where two of his friends attacked the blonde girl. He held his breath, jumped violently towards them, and kicked them in the face. He continued to fight harder. They least want this attack from the mountain. As friends-returning to their village together-the crimes they committed went far beyond that. Long before the mountain left them and their village.


Ripper was also shocked when he walked to the scene. He wanted to save the blonde girl, and this girl was actually his sister. He knew that due to Shan’s earlier promotion, the medicine he brought to her chronic disease had been lost. Even before he realized he had to act to save his sister, he saw Shan act quickly to save the girl. The resistance of friends faded quickly. They just want to slip away from there. No one is bothered by the same thing. Everyone was worried about the blonde girl’s condition.

Everyone felt very relieved that her breathing was contrary to their expected lifeless body. The Ripper ran quickly, holding the girl’s face in his palm, and said something that neither anyone there nor Shan standing next to her could understand.

Shan wanted to know what the problem with the blonde was. In the end, Ripper broke the silence of her stroke habit. This means that her body sometimes trembles from severe pain and heat. There has been an accident. The bottle he broke is its medicine.

At that time the situation became conducive to single. He removed the hand that had been protected until now. Then he gently held her nose slowly and stroked her forehead. In just a few minutes, the girl returned to the world again.

When everyone was overjoyed, Shan slowly left the scene without being noticed. He silently thanked his grandfather. When he left his friends to find a mission in life, he was the one who gave him magical powers for a long time.

NB: This story is from my contribution from another platform viz steemit that no longer works in the same name.


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